Wave 700 Led - Excite Technogym



Wave 700 LED Excite Techongym, was created for those who would like to:

-LIMBING, in fact it only takes a few minutes to work the entire lower body, it allows you to burn up to 120 calories in 20 minutes, feeling less fatigue than another exercise.

-TONIFY LEGS AND GLUTES, in fact, during the movement, the knee is more bent than in another workout and this allows the muscles of the upper leg to be toned as well: the quadriceps, gluteus and hamstring.

-PREVENTING BACK PAIN, in fact, the platforms move backward, outward and rotate, and this movement fatigues the hip, pelvis and spine less, allowing you to strengthen muscles and ligaments and preventing injuries and future problems. Compared to a treadmill or street running, Wave does not require a high level of coordination because the movement is guided.

DIMENSIONS (WxWxH): 1625x752x1692 mm

WEIGHT: 155 kg


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